Collecting data on the energy performance of public buildings

More than 160 cities and municipalities in Serbia will be included in the project of collecting data on the energy performance of public buildings, with an emphasis on schools and kindergartens, implemented by GIZ in cooperation with the Ministry of Mines and Energy and with the support of the University of Belgrade.

Energetska efikasnost u javnim zgradama_Skup u Metropolu

The data will be used for the study, to make concrete proposals for improving the energy performance of buildings with the assessment of the potential energy savings. The conference was attended by Miloš Banjac, Assistant Minister of Mining and Energy, Jovanka Atanacković, deputy minister of construction, traffic and infrastructure, Aleksandra Tomić, president of the Parliamentary Committee on Finance, State Budget and Control of Public Spending and vice president of the Parliamentary Committee for Economy, Regional development, trade, tourism and Energy and Jürgen Schmidt, the German Embassy first Secretary of economic relations. According to the Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, Serbia has established its goal to reduce the consumption of final energy consumption in comparison to 2008 by 9% by 2018, respectively.

Renate Sindlbek Aleksandra Tomic Jirgen Smit Jovanka Atanackovic Milos Banjac

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