College of Applied Health Studies Cuprija in 2019 – EDUCATION AND PREVENTION

On the occasion of marking the World AIDS Day, in cooperation with the Regional Institute for Public Health and Secondary Schools from Cuprija, a lecture on the subject “Sexually Transmitted Diseases and AIDS” was held at the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija.

Director of the College, MedScD Christos Alexopoulos stated that this is the first in a series of lectures envisaged by the 2019 plan to educate all populations and raise the level of prevention to the European level, in fact, the level that would be above the average in the region.

“In 2019, the focus of the College’s policy in health care will be education as the first and most important form of disease prevention. By organizing workshops, lectures and visiting the furthest and smallest settlements in the district, we will try to raise awareness among citizens of all ages about the importance of all forms of prevention, thus facilitating the functioning of the health system, saving on potential treatment and most importantly, preserving health. ” – said Alexopoulos.

Nada Djordjvic, Head of the Center for Health Promotion in her address, pointed out that the College of Applied Health Studies Cuprija is one of the main partners of the Public Health Institute that jointly carries out humanitarian and educational activities, especially thanking the director, Christos Alexopoulos, for support.

In addition to the lectures, students of the third year of Professional Nurse – Midwife Program held a presentation and distributed educational materials on the treatment, prevention and life with this vicious disease.

We recall that in 2018 the College of Applied Health Studies Cuprija gave their utmost to fight against birth dearth. The contribution of the College in Cuprija to an increase in birth rate was expressed through the release of tuition fees for students from families with four or more children, reduction of tuition fees for socially disadvantaged students as well as children from foster care, and a contract was signed with the Army of the Republic of Serbia for which the right to free education in these institutions have children of fallen soldiers and military personnel.

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