Color Press Group with the Olympic team Serbia in the cycle Tokyo 2020

Color Press Group President Robert Čoban and Secretary General of the Olympic Committee of Serbia Đorđe Višacki officially signed a new four-year partnership agreement stating that the cooperation of these two companies continues in the Tokyo 2020 cycle.

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Since December 2006, after a full 10 years of cooperation and the Beijing, London and Rio Olympic Games, Color Press Group will be a media support for Serbian Olympic athletes on their way to Tokyo 2020. “When we first signed a partnership agreement in 2006 I never dreamt that the cooperation would last for so long and how much beautiful and exciting it would be to go together. It is our great pleasure to promote our best athletes through interviews, editorials and other forms” – said Robert Čoban. Đorđe Višacki thanked the long-term partners for their confidence and excellent cooperation and pointed to the fact that over time the relationship between these two companies grew from business into a friendship: “Color Press Group is a business leader in its domain, not only in Serbia but also in the region”. It is an honour to have such a partner and I believe that our best athletes deserve such company.

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