Colorful Message of Hope and Love from Toronto

Exclusively from Toronto, Prof. Dr. Christos Alexopoulos, member of the Rotary Club of Serbia, on the occasion of closing the annual Rotary Club Conference held in Toronto from 22nd to 27th June, reports that the Rotary Fellowship of LGBT Rotarians and Friends is officially recognized as a Rotary Fellowship.

This announcement is the result of a recent change in the policy of the Rotary International Board to broaden the definition of the Fellowship in the RI Code of Conduct Article 42.020.1. This decision was made at the meeting of the RI Committee on June 21st. As a consequence, the Secretary General now officially recognized the Fellowship of LGBT Rotarians and friends.

The group is committed to promoting global friendship, service and education with the aim of creating an inclusive, understanding and open welcoming as well as encouraging goodwill and peace and realizing opportunities in the world based on equity and equality for LGBT + people.

This groups’ membership is open to Rotarians, Rotarian Spouses, Family Members of Rotarians, Rotaractors, and any former Rotary Program Participants or Alumni of any background.

The Fellowship is primarily a place in which members that meet these qualifications can meet others of a like mind to engage in Fellowship and hopefully to come together to do some good in the world.

The representatives of the board in attendance at Rotary International Convention, who will inform in future about the upcoming events of the association, are Michelle Wilson and Grant Godino.

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