Company „HEINEKEN Srbija“ donated 12 million RSD for respirators

Minister of Labor, Employment, Veterans and Social Affairs Zoran Djordjevic met with HEINEKEN Serbia director Nikos Zois, who turned to the ministry with the intention to donate 12 million dinars for respirator supplies which are in deficiency because of the current epidemiological situation caused by the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

 Minister Djordjevic said that the country is doing everything to protect its citizens by providing them with the necessary care and saving their lives. He also said that the state will continue to do so in the coming period but that any donation and assistance is of great importance for the whole country.

 “I am very proud that we have socially responsible companies in Serbia that do good business and care for the people and the community. With this help, I’m sure we will be able to get out of this crisis much easier and faster. I am grateful on behalf of the entire Government for this donation and I hope that other companies will follow this example as well, helping our Serbia and all its citizens, ”the Minister said.

 Heineken Serbia CEO Nikos Zois said that they sympathize with everyone affected by this virus and that it is a reason why they’ve decided to donate funds for additional respirators in hospitals.

 “We look forward to future gatherings that will surely come, but they will come much faster if we are all responsible and in solidarity,” he said.

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