Company Jysk Rewards Employees in Serbia – Over 32 Million Rsd in Bonuses Paid Out

For the first time, the SUPER SUPER Bonus was won – two additional salaries per employee went to Vranje

JYSK, the Scandinavian chain of furniture and home decor stores, has once again confirmed its status as one of the most desirable employers in Serbia by rewarding its employees with significant bonuses. During the past fiscal year, the company paid out a total of over 32 million RSD in bonuses. Additionally, for the first time, the Super Super Bonus award at the regional level was won by the store in Vranje. This award granted each employee two extra salaries in addition to their regular bonuses. It is not surprising that JYSK once again found itself on the prestigious Forbes list of the best employers.

The most successful JYSK stores in Serbia were rewarded with substantial bonuses, with individual bonuses for employees in the top-performing store reaching as high as 430,000 RSD. Additionally, JYSK’s store in Vranje can proudly claim to be the first recipient of the Super Super Bonus in the regional competition, which includes Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, and Slovenia. This prestigious award is the result of the outstanding performance of the store and its employees in key categories: Sales Index, Items Sold per Customer Index, and Sales per Customer Index. This is the first time such results have been achieved as a condition for winning the Super Super Bonus, which can be awarded to only one store in the entire region, and Vranje’s store is the deserving recipient. Two extra salaries were paid to all employees in that store, in addition to bonuses of almost 400,000 RSD per employee.

In addition to this exceptional success, JYSK once again made it onto the prestigious Forbes list of employers this year. This recognition certainly affirms the company’s dedication to creating a stimulating work environment for its employees.

Milan Stevanović, Retail Manager of JYSK Serbia, emphasized the importance of motivating employees and providing incentives for further development.

“In addition to numerous educational opportunities and development programs, we strive to provide our employees with a pleasant working environment and motivate them in every sense, including financially. In each of our stores, employees have the opportunity to earn bonuses based on the increase in turnover compared to the previous year, and what’s important is that there is no limit to the bonus amount. Since the turnover bonus is distributed based on collective efforts, regardless of the position in the store, it encourages an exceptional team spirit. All of this contributes to providing the highest quality service to our customers. We are especially proud of our store in Vranje, which won the Super Super Bonus at the regional level. This is truly an outstanding achievement that confirms the excellent performance and dedication of every employee in this store. Their work in key categories has not only contributed to a great success, but has also become an inspiration for our entire system,” stated Stevanović.

Three most successful stores

During the 2022/2023 fiscal year, the most successful store with the highest paid bonus was the JYSK store in Vračar, Belgrade, with a bonus of an impressive 4,125,177 RSD. In this store, each employee received a bonus of over 430 thousand RSD. Additionally, the most successful stores were the JYSK store in Maxton Center in Novi Sad, as well as the mentioned store in Vranje.

In addition to annual bonuses, JYSK regularly rewards its employees by organizing social events, providing additional budgets for lunches and coffee, further fostering team spirit and excellence.

The first JYSK store was opened in Denmark in 1979, and today the company operates in 48 countries with more than 3,300 stores and webshops. In Serbia, JYSK recently opened its 45th store and employs nearly 400 employees.

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