Competition Open for Philanthropy Award “Miroslav Majkl Đorđević”

The Studenica Foundation has announced a competition for the awarding of the first award for philanthropy, “Miroslav Majkl Đorđević”

This award is given to distinguished individuals from Serbia or of Serbian origin around the world, who have distinguished themselves with their works in the field of philanthropy and endowment.

The award is given with the intention of preserving the legacy of Miroslav Majkl Đorđević, to inspire others to follow his example in building a better and more connected community, as well as to renew the tradition of endowment and philanthropic work that has greatly helped the development of Serbian society and the state.

The competition is open until September 21, and when evaluating the nominated candidates for the award, special attention will be paid to criteria such as the wider positive impact of the nominee on the community, moral values ​​in business, as well as the volume and continuity of philanthropic contributions.

We invite all good people to nominate their candidates who are engaged in charity.

And we really expect a large number of applications because it is important for us to praise and reward such people, because often such individuals are invisible in society, and they should set a good example for others like Miroslav Majkl Đorđević was.

As part of the award, the winner will be presented with a sculpture that symbolizes charity and philanthropy, the work of a young, award-winning artist and alumni of the Studenica Foundation, Bogdan Đukanović.

Miroslav Majkl Đorđević (1936-2023), the founder of the Studenica Foundation, was a great philanthropist who continuously contributed to the Serbian people with his work. He was one of the greatest benefactors, businessmen, lobbyists and leaders of the Serbian diaspora of our time. Through the Studenica Foundation, he provided scholarships to many Serbian students in Serbia and the region, as well as at prestigious American universities, believing that education is the key to the development of a nation.

The Studenica Foundation was founded in America more than three decades ago under the leadership of Miroslav Majkl Đorđević, who was also its president for life. Since its establishment, the Foundation has been working in Serbia, where it has supported education through more than 40 projects and awarded scholarships to over 2,000 students of all educational profiles, who are today leaders in the academic, business and artistic life of Serbia, the region and the world. In addition to being hardworking students, scholarship holders of the Studenica Foundation are also committed to the welfare of the community, thus spreading the ideas of philanthropy, patriotism and solidarity themselves.

All detailed information about the conditions of the competition and application are available on the official website of the Studenica Foundation:

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