Conclude the Casco insurance policy of AMS Insurance today!

You are aware that many unforeseen events can destroy your car that you have already invested a lot of money in. Why leave it to a sheer luck? Knock on the door of the AMS Insurance and choose the safest form of protection of your vehicle today!

If you conclude a Casco insurance policy with us you will be covered by the costs that may arise as a result of an accident, theft, floods, fires, falling trees or facades and other risks, in accordance with the terms of insurance. Do not forget that with each concluded Casco insurance policy with us you get as a gift a Super AMSS membership card, with which you receive free services and savings on the roads of Serbia and Europe for a year. Come to the Ruzvletova 16 in Belgrade, or at one of over 250 outlets throughout Serbia and consult with the friendly and professional staff about optimal combination of coverage that suits your abilities. For more information visit or call the phone number 0800-009-009.

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