Concluding observations of the jubilee XXV KBF

KBF has so far gathered the largest number of participants, more than 1,200. For the first time during four days were able to attend 22 panels, 3 plenary sessions, 6 special events and 3 special speeches. The conclusions from this year’s KBF will be summed up into the document “The Kopaonik Consensus”, which will be sent to the wider and professional public, as well as to the Government and the NBS, the creators of economic policy.

KBF 2018 has shown that good macroeconomic conditions should turn into sustainable growth, but also that without raising the level of investment there will be no significant growth” said Aleksandar Vlahović, chairman of KBF’s program committee. PM Ana Brnabić pointed out that the priority of the country is digitization, the continuation of work on e-government, and the creation of a business environment. Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovičić pointed out that the state has changed the way of financing young athletes and that such a move gives excellent results for the last 4 years, best illustrated by the number of medals that is higher than in the previous 14 years. UNICEF‘s director in Serbia Michel Saint Lot warned that in the period from 2011 to 2016, the number of children in Serbia was reduced by almost 40,000, while the total population would be reduced to 5,5 million inhabitants by 2041.

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