Construction Of The New Business Zone

In New Belgrade’s complex A Blok all the apartments, integrated in three construction phases, have been sold. First and second phase were constructed before the deadline, third phase is under construction, and the start of the fourth phase is announced, after which New Belgrade will have a new business zone.


The keys to their apartments have already been claimed by 530 new owners. “Sale of all apartments in complex A Blok proves that quality, professional service and competitive prices are crucial on the market. Interest in real estate in A Blok is still at a high level”, say in company Deka Inženjering, and announce that the apartments in the third construction phase will be ready for moving in by the end of the summer 2017. The entire project of the construction of A Blok is designed in four construction phases. In the first three phases, 799 apartments and 59 shops were built, while in the fourth phase, a new office building will be constructed with a total surface area of 39,100 m². Completion is planned for 2018.

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