Contactless Addiko Bank fragrance card

Addiko Bank has introduced Debit Mastercard®, the first Addiko contactless debit card in its card offer. In addition to being the first card with the original vertical design, it is also the first fragrance card on the market.

This unique, two-currency card, which is linked to the current account, enables purchase in dinars and foreign currency, as well as payment of goods and services in the country and abroad. With all the standard features available to date, with the convenience of contactless payment, the new debit Mastercard card offers users the highest level of security when making payments online via the ‘Safe Secure Internet Add-on’ with Mastercard SecureCode security standards, as well as the ability to change one PIN to any Addiko ATM without charge. Before the first use, it is necessary to make one common transaction on the POS device or at the ATM, which automatically activates the contactless payment option, and on the back of the Debit Mastercard card there is a marked part which, when scratched, smells like strawberries.

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