Converting analogue to digital world

The topic of how to adapt digitisation operations was part of the CATCH Pitch Challenge 2016 conference organised by FoundCenter Investment.

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Stefan Parhoffer, part of the Siemens project “Next 47” whose task is to foster relationships between Siemens and start-up companies says “We need to learn from start-up projects that there are no longer young entrepreneurs from a garage they became big players.” Lothar Eckstein (Mixedzone), emphasises that the digitisation process. “Today more than just good ideas it is necessary to have a good team because a good team will know how to recognise a good idea, while a bad team can reject it.” We all know that the big Apple made in a garage, said Christian Alexander Vry, the investor from Found Fair Ventures, adding “but no one knows that the giant Siemens was made in a garage.” Srđan Saper, founder of I&F McCann Group thinks that digitalisation is reminiscent of electrification: “And just as a company cannot operate without electricity, cannot do it anymore without digitisation.” 2016 Pitch Challenge Conference will grant funds in the amount of one million euros provided by the leading investors of the German economy to the best business start-up projects.

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