“Credit to fit your needs”

VTB Bank has created a new refinancing loan with insurance for its clients named “Credit to fit your needs”.The most significant advantage of this loan is that the client is not obliged to use all the approved loan funds to refinance their obligations, but a portion of the funds got be got in cash that will be paid off immediately.


This means that the client has the ability to make the most optimal financial structure for themselves, as opposed to other loans. Minimum loan amount is 50,000, and a maximum is 1,200,000 dinars, enabling the debt repayment period up to 96 months.
VTB Bank also, in cooperation with the Russian insurance company “Sogaz” provided security for clients of unforeseen situations (unemployment, disability and death caused by an accident). Loans with insurance provides clients lower interest rates.
In order to apply for a new refinancing loan is not necessary to transfer person’s earnings in VTB Bank. If the client does decide to transfer earnings we will provide lower interest rates. An important note is that for loans the client does not have to give deposits and participation, there is no cost for early repayment, and that there are no costs for maintenance loans.

You can also apply through online application on the Bank’s website (www. Vtbbanka.rs). 

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