Croatian wine tasting in Novi Sad

In the banquet hall of the hotel “Park”, the Association of Enology of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce held the first annual tasting of Croatian wines in Novi Sad. With soft music and delicacies of many Croatian regions the ‘favourite drinks and gods and men’ was presented.


The guests enjoyed tasting the products of 12 famous wineries – wine cellars “Zlatan otok”, “Vina Matošević”, “Kutjevo”, “Vina Belje”, “Iločki podrumi”, “Veralda”, “Orahovica”, “Erdutski vinogradi”, “Kronos”, “Feravino”, “Dingač” and “Podrumi Kolar”. Croatian Ambassador to Serbia, H. E. Gordan Markotić espressed his great satisfaction that after Belgrade, Novi Sad hosted the presentation of the best Croatian wines: “Since this is the first such event in Novi Sad, I hope it will become traditional, and that local people will each year be able to feel the real taste of Croatia through the wine, prosciutto and truffles.” After a short presentation of the famous sommelier Igor Luković, the participants continued to freely enjoy the food and drink until late in the evening.

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