Crowdfunding campaign for the completion of the Mikser House Sarajevo Cultural Centre started!

Belgrade Creative Collective “Mikser” opens in Sarajevo “Mikser House”, a regional centre of urban culture that has been working with great success in Belgrade for five years, bringing together young artists, creators, audiences from Belgrade, Serbia, the region and the world.

With over 500 different events throughout the year and over 250,000 visitors, Mikser House has become a cultural catalyst that is without any compromise struggling for a different cultural pattern in the Balkans than it inherited from the 1990s. To date, through Mikser House Belgrade has passed 1,500,000 visitors from all over the world, and soon Sarajevo citizens and visitors will be able to enjoy this project, but also to support donations for its construction and development. – The concept of “Mikser House Sarajevo” was created with the idea to present to the audience in Sarajevo all that we have been painstakingly building in Belgrade for years. I will remind you – from the very beginning, “Mikser House Beograd” in its subtitle defines its platform as “Balkan Design Centre”. So – we are strongly formatted in the Balkans, as an emotional and cultural space and for years we have programs – from the product of design to performances and concerts “imported” from the entire Balkan region.

These are the organic connections that gave us a wonderful reception in Sarajevo. We really feel at home – says Ivan Lalić, director of Mikser House, and said that they recently launched an international crowdfunding campaign to complete the work. See more at

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