Day of Remembrance for 20 years since the NATO aggression was held at the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija

At the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija on the occasion of the Day of Remembrance for 20 years since the NATO aggression, a tribune organized by the Association of Military Pensioners of Serbia was held.

The panel was headed by the retired colonel and president of the Association of Military Pensioners, Nikola Milkovic, and the director of VMŠSS Cuprija PhD Christos Alexopoulos, Colonel Nebojsa Lojpur, penz. Dušan Stamenković Head of ONO and DSZ of Ćuprija municipality and May. penz. Zoran Mladenovic, Chief of the PVO also addressed the gathering.

The meeting started with a discussion on the general topic on the causes, the course and consequences of the FRY bombing, with a view to the VJ’s actions in preserving the territory, its resources and population in the territory of Pomoravlje District. In the course of the discussion, the cooperation with civil structures, the role and procedures of the CZ before and after the bombing, cooperation with the military authorities and structures as well as the procedures of the VJ in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija were presented.

In his address, Director Alexopoulos among other things quoted the words of Patriarch Pavle “forgive, forget not”. Stressing that victims and the consequences of NATO aggression can never be forgotten.

Let’s recall, 1999. 19 countries of the Alliance, without the approval of the United Nations Security Council, collapsed, firstly, to the barracks and air defense of the army of Yugoslavia, and then to the entire country. The infrastructure, businesses, schools, hospitals, cultural monuments, media outlets … The memories of broken Novi Sad bridges are also remembered. A fired train in Grdelicka gorge. Destroyed Valjevo “Krušik”. Čačanska “Freedom”. Nis market, where, in the seventh month of pregnancy, Ljiljana Spasic, a student of the final year of medicine, was killed. Of the towns, most were Aleksinac, Surdulica, Kuršumlija … The rest of the families were left in the ruins.

The bombing was suspended on June 10, when an agreement was signed to withdraw the Yugoslav army and police from Kosovo and Metohija.

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