Delta Business Incubator 2020 contest is open!

Delta Holding company announced the contest for the program designed to support startup ideas in any field of business. The third Delta Business Incubator contest will be open until May 31st for all the teams that believe to have the idea worth investing in. To apply, one should fill out the application form on the following website:

Delta Business Incubator is a three month program designed to help startups to develop and improve their product or service, and to prepare them for both the investors and the market. During the program selected teams will have Delta’s full support, help and resources, and for the first time they will have the opportunity to work with partners from other companies and external mentors with wide experience in startup development.
,,We are happy to announce that we have several novelties in this year’s program. First of all, we decided not to limit our potential contestants in terms of their startups’ business fields. Their idea can be related to any field of business, not just those of Delta Holding’s. Furthermore, apart from Delta’s experts’, this year’s contestants will have the support and help of external mentors and partners from other companies who have wide experience in startup development. These people will give the program great value, and our teams will have the opportunity to improve their businesses and prepare them for the market.’’, said Nadica Milanović, project manager of Delta Business Incubator.
In the past two years nearly 240 teams applied for the program and 11 teams completed it. All relevant information about last years’ contestants, the contest, application and the program in general can be found on Delta Business Incubator website:

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