Delta Real Estate: Recycled plastic balls in the service of construction

The Delta House office building will be one of the largest projects in the Western Balkans and built using the system of hollow slabs produced in line with the Unidom technology.

Despite the pandemic, Delta Real Estate has managed to continue operations on all four active construction sites. The construction of the Delta House office building in Belgrade, the Delta Planet shopping mall in Niš, the Indigo Hotel in Belgrade and the refurbishment of the Delta Planet shopping mall in Varna (Bulgaria), which is getting ready for the arrival of a big Ikea store, continues.

The fact that empty plastic balls make up a large part of the concrete constructions of modern buildings may sound inconceivable to laypeople, but to experts, it spells out only one thing – cost-cutting.

“First benefit: This technology is environmentally friendly as the balls are made from 100% recycled plastic”

This saving refers to, first and foremost, the amount of concrete used in the construction. Hollowing out concrete slabs to make them lighter, but also to reduce the amount of concrete used in construction, is nothing new, and there are a number of ways in which this can be done. The novelty in our market is balls made entirely of recycled plastic, the use of which leads to reduced use of concrete as much as 35%.

This seemingly unusual technology involves placing balls between the upper and lower zones of the armature, i.e. in the slab zone that does not the structure, after which the concrete is poured in while being exposed to vibration in order for the concrete mixture to be evenly distributed and form the future ribs. Once the concrete hardens, this kind of construction has properties like any other.

Plastic balls replace heavy concrete in all those places where concrete is not necessary for static reasons. In addition to the fact that the amount of concrete used, and thus the weight of the structure, is smaller, this system also enables the use of significantly thinner slabs in the construction of buildings.

The use of this technology also has two environmental benefits. Namely, the balls are made of 100% recycled plastic, and as less concrete is used in construction, less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere.

These balls have found their place in the construction of Delta House, the new office building of Delta Holding.

“Second benefit: These balls reduce the quantity of required concrete, so less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere”

We saved 1,600 cubic metres of concrete and reduced the weight of the structure by 4,000 tonnes.

The use of hollow slabs also reduced the number of pillars and provided larger spans of up to 10.8 metres, without additional beams. By using 100,000 balls in the construction of a new office building, we will reduce CO2 emissions by 336 tonnes.

The Delta House office building will be one of the largest projects in the Western Balkans and built using the system of hollow slabs produced in line with the Unidom technology.

Before the pandemic, Delta Holding had begun constructing yet another facility, which will change the appearance of Novi Beograd. Delta Holding is constructing its new office building, Delta House, the company’s future headquarters. The investment is worth 40 million euro. The building will span almost 23,000 square metres and will be located in Block 19, between the Crowne Plaza Hotel and the Genex Apartments. Delta House is designed and built according to the latest standards, as a LEED-certified building. This premium office building was designed by the world-renowned architectural firm, MYS. With its unique design, energy-efficient solutions, facilities that employees in large companies expect to see in an office building today, this building will be something completely new and will certainly change what Novi Beograd has to offer, as well as the appearance of this part of the city. Citizens and guests of Belgrade will be able to see that for themselves in the first quarter of 2021.

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