Conference Digital Day 2017, which this year will be devoted to the theme “Connected Shopper” will be held on 16 May 2017 at the Belgrade Youth Centre.

The largest and most important regional conference dedicated to digital and interactive marketing, Digital Day, for the seventh time will be held in Belgrade, this time with the theme “Connected Shopper”. The conference is educational and it during the conference the eminent speakers from developed markets and from successful companies will deliver speeches. They will familiarise the audience with current industry trends, best practices and experiences in the field of digital marketing. In addition to lectures in the conference programme will contain the panels that will be attended by experts from the region.

The Conference Digital Day 2017 – “Connected Shopper” will bring together experts from the industry who will share their knowledge and experiences and thus this topic even closer to local audiences. Among the speakers will be Katarzyna Paliwoda from Facebook, Jonathan Francis from Google creative team, Hossein Houssain of marketing company Havas and many others. Katarzyna will emphasise mobile communications and consumer habits on the path from idea to purchase the product.

Steve Lok, director of technology marketing and operations of the renowned magazine The Economist, will be one of the speakers at this year’s Digital Day conference. Steve began his career as a web developer during the nineties with their IT start-up projects for health care, after which he led several projects, until 2012, when he joined The Economist team. At current position is little more than a year and leads the team that deals with modern digital marketing and new media concepts come alive. Steve was a key figure in the transformation of classical into modern marketing, as well as the fusion of marketing and modern technology in order to maintain the company’s leading position in the areas of marketing and technology. Steve is responsible for content creation in a new era in which technology has transformed the approach to marketing, and design strategies for subscription marketing.

Panel “From Digital as an Extension to Digital as a Core” will give a review and guidelines to be applied to a digital environment has become the base of operations on which further develop follow-on business marketing, sales and logistics.
We especially recommend the founder and CEO of Kraftwerk, Mr. Heimo Hammer. Based on years of experience, the first line of the digital transformation of the market, marketing and operations to Mr. Hammer will talk primarily about the new generation of consumers and their buying habits. “Buying everywhere and at all times” is the title of his lecture which will focus to a multi-channel strategy as an approach to increase sales. Due to evolutionary changes in consumer behaviuor we have come to a new point in evolution – Homo oeconomicus.

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