Digital Serbia Working Breakfast

In an informal atmosphere, Microsoft Serbia and Iniciative Digital Serbia organised a working breakfast and introduce to media people why some of the largest companies operating in the IT area, such as Nordeus, Microsoft, Seven Bridges, Telekom and others, united in May this year, they founded the Digital Serbia Initiative (DSI) and explained how important our support is that media representatives, can provide.

The aim for the future is to, together with state institutions, intensively work on the development of e-payments, digital signatures, database management, development of start-up of ecosystems and entrepreneurial spirit, improvement of the tax system in the IT industry, development of personnel in this field. The key speakers were Branko Milutinović, founder of Nordeus, and member of DSI, Dragan Tomić, director of Microsoft’s development center, and member of DSI, Igor Bogićević, founder of Seven Bridges Genomics, and member of DSI, Veronika Tasić, Director of Initiative Digital Serbia, Vesna Bengin Crnojević, Director of Bio Sense Centre, University of Novi Sad.

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