DIONYSUS Experience – Godlike Adventure

Are you tired of wine fairs and salons? Dionysus is coming to Serbia and he can take you on a divine wine adventure on Fruška gora!

Photos by : Verkat, Promo

A trip to the divine world that you would not want to miss. DIONYSUS Experience – Godlike Adventure happening June 18 in the Verkat winery on Fruška gora.

Celebrating life, enjoying the finest wine, and choosing a pleasant ambiance and company is not just a feature of the gods. Dionysus, the god of wine and love, one of the most enigmatic deities is the inspiration for the exclusive event DIONYSUS EXPERIENCE – Godlike Adventure, which awaits us in Serbia this summer.
This unusual wine experience will be held in a beautiful ambiance far from the public eye, on June 18 on Fruška gora in the Verkat winery, in Čerević, near Novi Sad.

“This summer is the summer of dream fulfillment. Join Dionysus on this active and delicious adventure.”

Grab this opportunity and spend a memorable weekend where you can be active and explore the new landscape, try authentic flavors, and meet different people who will take you back to the old days of walking through vineyards and drinking the best wines in the most beautiful summer houses.
Allow us to guide you through this wine route on the banks of the Danube where you will be able to walk, run or bike through beautiful vineyards. You’ll learn how to make wines from established winemakers, and then spend an unforgettable summer day on a Dionysus matinee where the traditional food will be served. And the sunset will be a sign for the DJ to get the outdoor party started.

This summer is the summer of dream fulfillment. Join Dionysus on this active and delicious adventure.

The number of participants is limited to 150!

More information and registration at: https://dionysusexperience.com/
Visit us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dionysusexperience/

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