Donation of VELUX to the Athletic club “Spartak” from Subotica

The Danish company VELUX, the global leader in the manufacture of roof windows, last year celebrated the 75th anniversary year of the founding of the VELUX Group.

AC Spartak Subotica has been selected as one of the few in Europe which got a grant of 6 VELUX roof windows. The honour is given to the local sales company VELUX Serbia to implement this donation earlier this year when the domestic market was celebrating its jubilee. “Products and technologies change, but what will always remain faithful to the primary human need – to get precisely sufficient amount of daylight and fresh air in the rooms where we live” – said Tamara Milovanović, director of VELUX Serbia Ltd. The importance and the changes that the donation brought is explained by Robert Toth, director of the PUC “Stadium” “Gym, which has its windows replaced now looks great, has a far more air and light. We are confident that will not leak.”

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