Donation to socially vulnerable families – EKO PATH TO THE HEART

EKO Serbia, a member of the Hellenic Petroleum group has provided a donation of 580.000 RSD as a help to the SOS Children’s Villages Serbia Foundation. Most of the donation is intended for the purchase of food and hygiene packages for 126 families with 364 children, and it is part of the “Family Stranghtening” Programme. The other part of the donation will be spent on house renovation for the family with six children from Niš.

Within this program, the SOS Children’s Villages Serbia Foundation has helped almost 1800 children over the past six years to continue living with their biological parents, and more than 700 families have gained this support through different individual programs.

„I would like to thank EKO Serbia from the bottom of my heart, and their general manager, Mr. Loukas, for the support of this significant donation to our Foundation released through the campaign which we organized on the web platform for the immediate help to socially deprived families, hit by the Coronavirus and with existential difficulties. Thanks to the Eko Serbia donation we will help 126 families to get food and hygiene packages and we will also repair a few homes in a poor shape in which our families live. Our centers for support to the socially deprived families are located in Niš, Belgrade and Obrenovac and help to reinforce family capacities and to keep children with their biological parents for over six years through individual and group programs. Once again, a big thank you on behalf of the Foundation SOS Children’s Villages Serbia and of all beneficiaries who will receive this help“, said Vesna Mraković-Jovanović, manager of the SOS Children’s Villages Serbia foundation.

„The state of emergency has brought new problems with which all of us had to deal with and especially socially deprived families in Serbia. EKO PATH TO THE HEART is our company’s initiative which supported 126 families in order to overcome the difficulties of the hard times upon us and give support to the children so that they can keep building their future in their families, filled with love. EKO Serbia continues to provide support to initiatives that contribute to the entire community and to the protection of the most vulnerable social groups“, said Danijela Vasić, CSR Coordinator from EKO Serbia.

SOS Children’s Villages Serbia Foundation has been providing help and support to children and young people without parental care for over 15 years. With this donation, EKO Serbia wishes to help vulnerable families go through this crisis, caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, more easily.

While protecting the health of our loved ones, it is important not to forget those who are even more affected by this crisis.

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