Dušan Savković, Ivana Živić and Ana Golović, Well-known Serbian Artists Exhibit at the New Year’s Art Hub

This trio of acclaimed artists showcases their unique talents, from Savković’s surrealistic forms and innovative materials, Živić’s emotionally rich water-themed oil paintings, to Golović’s exploration of beauty rituals

Dušan Savković (alias Dukatti) is one of the most prominent Serbian artists of the younger generation who has been achieving success for many years. This 39-year-old has quite an enviable artistic career behind him. He established himself in the world of fine arts during his studies at the Novi Sad Academy, when he began his artistic calling. You wouldn’t be wrong if you associated it with pictures of a man with unrealistically long arms, clouds with lightning in all possible colours, flying pieces of earth, modular image formats like puzzles, and often distinctly black backgrounds.

In addition to paintings, you may come across his sculptures, often made of waste and placed in different locations. Namely, this artist can easily surprise you in which areas he communicates with the audience. Apart from all the traditional techniques of drawing, painting, and sculpting that he uses, he also sometimes ventures into video works for which, among other things, he receives first prizes. One such award was received by ULUS in 2022 at the spring exhibition “Art and Society”. At the end of 2022, he started editing the program at the Cultural Station in Bukovac, a neighbourhood right next to Novi Sad, where he launched a multitude of different programs for both children and adults and brought this station closer to the map of serious cultural events.

He actively exhibits in the country and abroad and has realized more than a hundred exhibitions. Currently, you can see his exhibition in Novi Sad in the gallery “Na štrafti” until the end of February 2024.

Ivana Živić (Sarajevo, 1979) is a painter who lives and works in Belgrade. Her oil paintings explore water-filled interiors, painted with a characteristic blend of figuration, fantasy and montage. The observer feels enveloped in these spaces inhabited by the solitary figure of a swimmer exploring the inner emotional world.

She graduated in painting in 2004 at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade, Department of Painting, where she received her master’s degree two years later. Since 2006, she has been a permanent member of the Association of Fine Artists of Serbia (ULUS), since then she has been present at 23 solo and over 60 group exhibitions in the country and abroad. She is the winner of the drawing prize of the Salon of Fine Arts of France (Salon des Beaux Arts 2019), prize from the drawing fund Vladimir Veličković (2016), first prize of the Rotary Club (2014), prize for production of work from the Dimitrije Bašičević Mangelos foundation (2012), as well as Drawing diplomas from the Second Drawing Biennale in Pančevo (2009). She exhibited at Nord Art (2017 and 2016), as well as at The Other Art Fair in partnership with Saatchi Online Gallery in London (2019).

She participated in artistic residencies: The Month of Serbian Art at the Arthab Center Abu Dhabi, UAE (2018), the GLOART Centre in Lanaken, Belgium (2015) and the Cite Internationale des Arts Paris in France (2009). Her works are in the Wiener Städtische collection of contemporary Serbian art, as well as in numerous private collections around the world.

Ana Golović last presented herself to the public with the solo exhibition “Conditions” held in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where through 7 works she represents 7 days a week filled with female beauty rituals. Ana Golović worked for two years as a professor of painting at Chiang Mai University and now lives and works in the United Arab Emirates. She exhibited her works at many individual and group exhibitions in Serbia, Montenegro, the United Arab Emirates, Japan, India, France, Thailand…

For this story not to be a mere record of past activities, we must mention the current stay of these artists in one of the most beautiful art residencies in the world that is currently happening in Al Khatim Desert Oasis, Hatta Mountain, as well as Liwa Desert in the vicinity of Abu Dhabi. Artists have been exhibiting for many years and their paintings are found all over the world, but they are still happy to go to the colonies because they think it is an excellent promotion, both personally and for our country. They received the invitation to this gathering because six years ago they already collaborated with Art Hub and its owner Ahmed Saleh Al Yafei, who organized the same colony in 2018 in Krčedin. In addition to our artists, Russian, Moroccan, Sudanese, and a group of local artists from the UAE also create at the colony. Both of our artists have collaborated with Art Hub before, coming in 2017 and developing this collaboration more and more. The main specifics of this colony are its location, which takes place in the desert itself and offers an unforgettable experience. Artists paint in one oasis, then in another, then in a third, get to know customs and culture and pass on ours. As they say, they will spend the New Year in one of the Oases working, painting. For this occasion, Savković made a triptych painting, a landscape with sand applied to the painting, and several drawings. Ivana Živić and Ana Golović also added two paintings in their distinctive style to the Art Hub collection.

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