E-commerce is the only medicine for bureaucracy

In a country in which a medium-sized bank prints 11 million papers a year, the retail chain spends 150,000 euros on the storage of documentation, the police state institutions reach a length of several tens of kilometers, and citizens have to pay slips at the counters to prove that they paid the fee, the only way out from bureaucracy is the development of e-business.

At the constituent session of the NALED e-Government Alliance, which gathers IT experts, the financial and trade sector from 34 companies and local governments, an annual work report was adopted and a new presidency was elected, comprised of Milan Simić (Telekom Srbija), Nataša Sekulić (IBM) and Aleksandar Blagojević (Societe Generale). – E-government means they companies and citizens will no longer have to use the seal and pay slips, that they will be able to submit applications and payments online via the eGovernment portal, that they will not have to print the documentation and keep it for 10 years, which is the law of the last century. In addition to millions of savings in money and time, e-government introduces transparency into the work of the state administration and reduces the scope for corruption – said the newly elected President of the Alliance for e-Government Nataša Sekulić.

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