ECDL Certificate for College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija

A promotion of the European Computer Driving License was held at the Solemn Academy at College of Applied health Sciences Cuprija on the occasion of the Students Day. Cooperation agreement was signed between the ECDL Foundation and the MHCS Ćuprija where the Representative of the Foundation, Mr. Jovan Aleksic, presented the certificate of the International Standards on Digital the Director of the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija, Christos Alexopoulos.

In his press release, Director Christos Alexopoulos emphasized the importance and advantages of owning such a certificate. “In an era of a knowledge-based society, formal education is no longer a guarantor of a successful business career. The labor market, conditioned by the strengthening of competitiveness, requires constant improvement and professional development from each individual, primarily in the field of information and communication technologies. Most of today’s employers expect a potential job candidate to already possess basic computer skills. Therefore, we decided to computerize students and employees according to the highest world standards. Companies and institutions, ECDL certification programs guarantee more efficient use of technology and enable increase in overall productivity, faster achievement of operational goals, better competition in the market and saving money and time, which is the main reason why ECDL certificates are recognized and sought by the global business community. -said Alexopulos.

Leading multinational companies such as Coca Cola, Motorola, IBM, Harods, Ikea, and many others, as well as almost all banks and countries around the world, have mandated ECDL testing of their employees. The ECDL certificate is recognizable in over 150 world configurations, and accreditation acquired in Serbia is valid in all other countries, which is not the case with other certificates issued by computer schools other than ECDL test centers. The ECDL Profile Certificate confirms digital skills in accordance with the education and professional definition of the certificate holder. The certificate is flexible so that individuals and companies through the basic, standard and advanced module can create a profile of digital skills that suits needs and interests.

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