Editorial: Audiatur et altera pars

A year ago we started a new magazine, with a clear aim to be the most objective among the printed media in our country. We tried to cover both sides of the stories, because we clearly knew that the truth we often so complex and huge that you can see only a fragment of it, which will not prevent you from proudly pronouncing that you know “the complete truth”.

We won’t tell you what is “real news” and what is “fake news”, we will bring all the sides and all the opposites to one large democratic square where all of them can say what they mean and show who they are. We wanted, a year ago, a world with less tears, but tears don’t seem to disappear. We still need to fight hard to get to any brighter future. And along that way we will cherish the culture of dialogue since hate will tear us apart, again. Love can do it only sometimes. Audiatur et altera pars, that was one of those Latin sentences that we had to learn in our Grammar Schools. Let’s hear the other side. We want you to hear them all and be richer in your mind. Some might say we are “new kids on the block”, but we would like to be the fresh wind on a foggy day. We would like to be your Duran Duran from 1981, your Suede from 1993, your Oasis from 1994, you’re the Killers from 2003, your Arctic Monkeys from 2006. Flashy, but with a substance. You helped us a lot during these 12 months, and we would like to charm you to stay. With our sharp thoughts, daring insights. We want you to know that you can be heard, and outspoken. That is how we can make a world of tomorrow. With less tears, finally. Hopefully. Entering our second year, we greet you.

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