After riots in American South recently the hot debate was reinstated – de debate of Civil War, slavery, and the old flosculas have been revived: the Northwas either progressive or greedy, the South was either racist or noble, etc. And it is all full of symbolism, monuments, flags and skin colours, of course. But there is just one truth behind all these bitter violence.

Every war, independence and revolution was usually fuelled by the massive redistribution of wealth. The common people will talk about “freedom” and “pride”, while the ones behind will take the money, not even running away. Behind the wars of independence was usually the attempt to create new, local elites instead of the old ones, and to do the massive redistribution of wealth. Even in the Serbian 90s, the nationalist rhaetorics of “liberating” was in fact for the masses in Serbia, the elites silently redistributed huge amounts of money. In Russia, Yeltsin’s “democracy” was a paravan for massive plunder and enrichment of the elites. Not to mention “wars for democracy”, usually waged where there’s oil. You, common people, take your flags and your pride, we will take the money in silence. If the elites don’t create an outside danger, their plunder will be far too obvious. So they always find something to distract the pauperised masses. In America, they are letting Trump tweet and threaten “nuclear” countries while they are doing… guess what, another massive redistribution of wealth. Stop looking at your flags and skin colours, look at your pocket, you will be surprised. And to quote Morrissey once again: “If you think peace is a common goal, it goes to show how little you know”.

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