Telenor Banka’s credit card at no maintenance costs with cash credit

In the New Year’s offer of Telenor Banka the customers will have at their disposal a favourable cash credit, without any additional costs. In December this year and next January, applicants for a cash credit, after the credit is approved, if they want, will get a credit card with 30,000 dinars, without any maintenance costs till the end of 2018.

We have included an integral offer of a cash credit and credit card so as to enable our clients even more flexible budget planning and management of personal finances. We have simplified the credit approval process to last only 24 hours. In parallel, users of credit cards will be able to divide their transactions into monthly instalment, after making payment with mobile application, which is a unique service on our market”, says Miloš Polovina, Member of the Executive Committee of Telenor Banka.

Telenor Banka has additionally facilitated and simplified the process of cash credit approval, while the required documentation has to be supplied only once for both products, after the credit is approved, at contract signing. The request for cash credit is filed through internet application and can be filed by all customers of age, with an open account in Telenor Banka and registration of permanent residence on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, i.e. with a resident status.

With credit card, without maintenance costs till the end of 2016, customers can divide into instalments all transactions made with the card on the Internet, in shops or at ATMs in the amount higher than 2,000 dinars. Also, they can choose on their own to how many months they want to distribute their payments, while the maximum number of instalments is 12.

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