Elnos Group: The Future of Energy belongs to The Bravest

Elnos BL is one of the leading and most important companies in the power engineering segment in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Today, Elnos Group is a synonym for an audacious company that keeps accomplishing more impressive results in the power engineering segment year on year in both the regional and European markets. However, the first, largest and thirteenth member of Elnos Group was founded a little over two and a half decades ago in Banja Luka.

Application of Building Information Modeling technology in the construction of SHPP Jablanica

Today, Elnos BL is one of the leading and most important companies in the power engineering segment in Bosnia and Herzegovina. This company is the initiator and implementer of development ideas in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s energy sector, to which betterment it contributes every day, with its know-how, technologies and top-notch operative professionals.

At the same time, Elnos BL, as the biggest subsidiary of Elnos Group, is much more than that. As one of the Group’s four resource centres, Elnos Banja Luka is a pillar of the Group’s international development.

“Although we are today an international company known for its great successes in foreign markets, the domestic market has always had and will hold a special significance for us. This is validated by a large number of projects and investments that we have implemented that didn’t stop even during the pandemic,” said Branko Torbica, Vice Chairman of Elnos Group’s Managing Board.

“Although we are a domestic company, we have become competitive on the European and global market too”

Elnos BL very successfully responded to all challenges in 2020 and 2021, making large-scale investments despite extremely complex market circumstances.

The construction of a small hydroelectric power plant called Jablanica (1MW) near Višegrad, which will soon become operational, is of the company’s biggest investments in Bosnia and Herzegovina in that period.

For the first time ever, the Elnos team was also engaged in the construction phase, in addition to doing electromechanical and hydromechanical works on the project. And that’s not all. During the implementation of this very demanding engineering project, the employees engaged in it became pioneers in the use of Building Information Modeling technology for the digital presentation of the project, which raised the quality of work to a very high technical level.

“Apart from energy stability and economic growth, the new investments have facilitated the application of the latest technologies and know-how. With their implementation, we, as a domestic company, have become competitive on the European and global market”, Marko Mijić, member of Elnos Group’s Managing Board in charge of technical works.

MHE Bočac 2-great confirmation of the know-how of Elnos Group

In 2020 and 2021, the company realized a large retail investment, where it has been the leader in Bosnia and Herzegovina for a number of years, by building a new sales centre spanning 1,000 square meters.

Elnos BL has developed the image of one of the leading power engineering companies through the implementation of key projects stemming from the cooperation with Elektroprivreda RS and Elektroprenos BiH and thus made a huge contribution to the construction of new and modernization of existing energy facilities up to 400 kV voltage level.

Elnos BL very successfully responded to all challenges in 2020 and 2021, making large-scale investments despite extremely complex market circumstances”

The company has implemented projects in huge corporations such as Elektroprivreda RS, which include the Ugljevik and Gacko mines and thermoelectric power plants and the Bočac hydro-electric power plant, the construction of Bočac 2 small hydro-electric power plant, as well as other large scale projects in private and public sectors such as the construction of the Banja Luka-Doboj motorway segment, the projects implemented at the Stanari thermo-electric power plant and many others. All these ventures occupy an important place on the map of important energy and infrastructure projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The company is ready to engage in a new large-scale investment cycle launched by Elektroprenos BiH, as well as be part of the business momentum of Elektroprivreda RS in terms of constructing a new-1,000 MW renewable energy facilities in the Republic of Srpska.


Elnos Group Management Building in Banja Luka

“Thanks to great effort and dedication to realizing our vision of development, we have grown into a business group with over 600 employees and we operate in 14 countries. In addition to the republics of the former Yugoslavia, we also operate in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. Recently, we have founded subsidiaries in Spain, Portugal and Great Britain, hence we expect to start implementing our first projects there by the end of 2021 or in early 2022”, Mr. Torbica pointed out and added that the Group has realized more than 130 international projects to date. Elnos Group is an active and successful international concern that is a desirable partner in the European knowledge and technology market. The company has positioned itself among the leaders in power engineering and today cooperates with a wide network of renowned international corporations and companies.

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