Elnos Serbia – Two Decades of Excellence

Elnos Serbia has built its enviable standing among expert companies by implementing numerous projects of reconstruction, modernization and construction of facilities up to 400 kV in the segment of transmission lines, substations, power plants and infrastructure

Energy in Serbia can be most aptly described as an old lady with modern views. With a tradition of development spanning over 130 years, with the passing of each new decade, this branch of the economy is increasingly striving to meet contemporary requirements and apply new engineering solutions.

However, the number of companies in the Serbian market that today boasts of using the highest level of modern engineering in the field of electricity is not so big.

Several of the most zealous companies make the small group of the best electricity companies which includes Elnos Serbia, a company that is celebrating two decades of successful operations this year.

As part of the Elnos Group, which operates in 13 European countries, from its inception until today, the company has been focusing on excellence in engineering and creating long-term growth and development opportunities. This is exactly why Elnos Serbia has always managed to achieve great results.

Renewable energy sources (RES) as the company’s trademark

Recognizing that the transition to renewable energy sources is still one of the biggest challenges of today, Elnos Serbia has made one of its greatest strides in this area in recent years.

By implementing projects from various segments of RES, this company has very successfully validated its abundant expertise in a very short period. As an important part of the so-called green projects, Elnos Serbia’s teams have been collaborating with global leaders and thus contributed to the implementation of the latest technical solutions and innovations in Serbia. Below, we will list only a handful of RES projects for which our teams are known for.

“Our company cares a lot about meeting the highest criteria of service quality and is always willing to adopt new technologies which is why we will continue to reside at the very top in the coming decades, a position that rightfully belongs to us”

In the field of hydropower, Elnos Serbia has implemented a large-scale project that entailed modernizing the Zvornik hydroelectric power plant, which is six decades old. Thanks to this, the plant began to break production records last year. Elnos Serbia went full steam ahead by implementing the challenging project of revitalization of seven small hydroelectric power plants in Western Serbia, true gems of electrification in Serbia, in which our teams installed completely new and modern equipment.

Concerning thermal energy, our teams made a huge step forward as part of the first green project in the Serbian mining sector that is the construction of Odlagač 12,000. This is a modern mining machine that improves the homogeneity of the ore and coal exploitation is more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Lazar Petrović, technical director of Elnos Serbia

We have pushed the boundaries

“By building electric power elements, we have pushed the boundaries of our previous project management. This was a major undertaking in which Elnos Group, as a partner of the American company General Electric, had the task of building a 35/400 kV substation as well as a 2 × 400 kV two-system transmission line, the essential elements that are the backbone of this wind farm. This is a project that I will certainly go down in the company’s history as a pioneering project in connecting such facilities to the EMS grid,” said Lazar Petrović, the company’s technical director.

The company sees the tasks of creating energy-sustainable conditions to be their true calling, and they are especially proud of the fact that they were one of the pioneers in the implementation of the Smart City project in Novi Sad. In cooperation with Schneider Electric, Elnos Serbia integrated the technology of management, storage and control of electricity consumption and created all the prerequisites for the electromobility of the city.

A dream team for contact networks

The company’s special feature is the engineering department which specializes in the construction and reconstruction of contact networks. The best evidence of the expediency of Elnos’ engineering team lies in the fact that, even during the strictest pandemic conditions last year, they continued the implementation of all the extremely important projects entrusted to them. One of them is the ongoing revitalization of the Jajinci-Mala Krsna railroad, which is part of the internationally important railway Corridor 10 which runs through Serbia, as well as the reconstruction of the tram contact network on Savski Trg and Zeleni Bulevar in Belgrade.

The Elnos Serbia teams have implemented dozens of projects in this segment, including the large-scale project of reconstruction and modernization of the Gilje-Ćuprija-Paraćin section, on the Belgrade-Niš line, then the reconstruction of tram and trolleybus contact network on Slavija Square in Belgrade and many others.

It is important to point out that Elnos Serbia is one of the few companies in the region that can implement projects in the segment of contact networks on a turnkey basis.

Wind farm Čibuk 1

Production in response to challenges

Guided by the idea that the company’s business development mustn’t stop and that its operations need to be harmonized with the increasingly complex market requirements and new needs of investors, Elnos Serbia has rounded off its operations in production too.

The company’s factory that produced Biosco CS substations 10 (20) /0.4 kV with power up to 1000 kVA has been successfully operating for eight years. Elnos Serbia is the only licensed partner of Schneider Electric in the region for this kind of work.

An electrical installation workshop (EMR) has been established in the company’s facility in Batajnica, which has been very successful in designing, assembling and installing various types of relay protection and control cabinets, as well as distribution cabinets.

“The crowning achievement of Elnos Serbia in the OIE segment is the company’s participation in the construction of the biggest wind farm in the Balkans – Čibuk 1 – of 158 MW power”

Last but not least, we should also mention universal plastic seals Uniplom, otherwise a patent and product of Elnos BL, and one of the company’s brightest examples in terms of continuous production growth.

People as the company’s greatest value

Going back to the very beginning of this story, Elnos Serbia would not continue to exist without high-quality, hardworking and experienced people who are members of a wide range of teams in the company and who have always been ready to push the boundaries of modern energy. With their flexibility and dedication, they often created real magic in the field by which the company is recognized today.

“I think that the formation of a base of young engineers who will continue to be the driving force behind the company’s development is one of the biggest successes of the company so far. It takes a lot of effort, patience, understanding and desire to get to the position where we are today and we can be proud of all the people who have invested a lot of work and expertise to be where we are today,” Mr Petrović adds.

Today, Elnos Serbia employs 147 workers. The company is keen to point out that the workers are responsible for Elnos Serbia being one of the leading electricity companies thanks to their selfless work and commitment and that together with their employees, the company is ready to overcome all the energy challenges in the future. One of such challenges is the current project of building a 400 kV Kragujevac-Kraljevo transmission line, which is part of the first phase of the construction of the Trans-Balkan Power Corridor in Serbia.

Vladimir Nikolić, Member of the Management Board of Elnos Group

Looking into the future

If you are committed to being a top performer, there is no obstacle to success, Elnos Serbia points out.

“The key to the success and continuity of Elnos Serbia lies in the expertise, responsibility, perseverance and credibility in our approach to work, and its strength lies largely in the management’s business policy and assertive communication with national and international partners. Our company cares a lot about meeting the highest criteria of service quality and is always willing to adopt new technologies which is why we will continue to reside at the very top in the coming decades, a position that rightfully belongs to us,” says Vladimir Nikolić, a member of the Board of Directors of Elnos Group.

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