Energy Sector – Clear Candidate for Disruption

Dejan Ljuština gives us predictions for the energy sector, which are quite exciting and much “greener”

We live in times when the influence of digitisation is immense and nothing remains the same. All industries that are dependent on digital resources change rapidly: the hotel business, travel and trade. Digitisation has led to new business models and all companies that still cling to old business models are going down and – if they are not already bankrupt – will be doomed in the very near future. Uber is one of the best practices nowadays and it demonstrates clearly how things have changed. We analysed the list of Fortune 500 companies now and in the distant past, back in 1955. This analysis showed that 12 per cent of those 500 companies survived, while 88 per cent failed. Those that failed were those that did not apply innovation, while an interesting fact is that those that survived were energy companies.

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