ENM adopted the proposals of PhD Christos Alexopoulos in the field of digitization and tele-nursing

The 27th annual ENM (European Nursing Module) Conference of the Association of Higher Medical Schools, consisting of 28 institutions from 14 countries of Europe, took place in Rostov, Russia, from April 10 to 13. College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija was represented by the director PhD Christos Alexopoulos, and besides members of the ENM network, there were also potential new members, distinguished professors from Rostov-on-Don and guests from the surrounding area.

At the conference, besides the discussion on finances, the evaluation of international student exchange and numerous presentations, the KA2 Erasmus + project of the Strategic Partnership for Higher Education was discussed. The main subject of the project is an organization that would be active in the field of education, training and youth, enterprises, state bodies, civil society organizations that are active in different socio-economic sectors and can cooperate with the realization of strategic partnerships and implement innovative practices that will influence higher quality teaching, training, learning, youth work, institutional modernization and social innovation.

Director of CAHS Cuprija PhD Christos Alexopoulos made several proposals on the use of information technology in cooperation between institutions and presented the Telenursing digital platform that was enthusiastically accepted.

“Telenursing would bring many benefits to education, but also to the practice of medical workers and patients. It refers to the use of information technology in the provision of nursing services at the physical distance between the patient and the nurse, or between nurses. It would also reduce costs and increase coverage of health care to remote, rural, small or sparsely populated regions. In addition, this would greatly contribute to the better and faster cooperation of medical workers across Europe and the world, as well as distance education, “- said Alexopoulos.

CAHS Cuprija is a member of the ENM organization since 2007, and the main feature of the network is the international exchange of students. For over 11 years, this school has enabled its students to improve their knowledge in Switzerland, Belgium, Portugal, etc., as well as to accommodate some of the students from schools across Europe.

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