“EPIDEMIK PROTEKT” packages of DDOR osiguranje help overcome the epidemic more easily

Insurance of daily hospital fee and assistance in case of hospitalisation

DDOR osiguranje has presented “EPIDEMIK PROTEKT” packages, unique on the market, which contain a combination of indemnity for hospitalisation due to an epidemic or pandemic, as well as a set of different types of assistance that provide support at the most difficult times. The packages are arranged as supplementary insurance and can be contracted with group coverage of employees, members of an association or any other organisation. They can also be offered as supplementary insurance with individual or group life insurance policies. Special care is dedicated to families, which is why all parents will get free coverage from the “EPIDEMIK PROTEKT” package for a year if they conclude it along with a life insurance policy by the end of this June 2020. This type of supplementary insurance is not limited just to the COVID-19 pandemic, and includes coverage during any local or global epidemic/pandemic.

“Unpredictability and strength of the current pandemic virus have blocked the entire planet. The last few months have assured us that we must behave responsibly, think more about the future and be as prepared and flexible as possible. This is precisely why we have prepared a special set of services, “EPIDEMIK PROTEKT”, which provide total coverage against the consequences of COVID-19, combining life insurance with a monetary compensation for hospital days and the most important services relevant for everyone who has to spend time in a hospital,” said Giorgio Marchegiani, Chairman of Executive Board of DDOR osiguranje, adding: “Our individual term and mixed life insurance certainly offer coverage in case of an insured event caused by coronavirus, while our new product “EPIDEMIK PROTEKT” has been prepared so that it offers help for overcoming difficulties before, and especially after returning from hospital treatment, providing an adequate monetary compensation and services that facilitate return to a normal life.”

The “EPIDEMIK PROTEKT” packages entail payment up to €50 per hospital day and up to €100 per hospital day spent at intensive care. Additionally, during the first year, the packages include, depending on the arranged premium level, special types of assistance that provide support at the most difficult times and include consultations with doctors 24 hours a day, psychological counselling, transport to and from the hospital, food and medicine delivery, and even pet care.
Since the epidemic was declared, DDOR osiguranje has been paying special attention to organising operations in line with the advice of relevant state and health institutions. The company also urges all citizens to keep adhering to all recommendations for decreasing the risk of spreading the infection. Still, responsible behaviour, along with prevention measures, includes taking care of potential future events we should be insured against. “COVID PROTEKT” packages guarantee full compensation for days spent in hospital, while assistance includes full logistics support in obtaining verified information from doctors and organising one’s life during hospitalisation.


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