Ethoca solution for merchants – greater customer satisfaction and fewer complaints

A recent study * showed that as many as 77% of customers in our region have difficulty recognizing transactions when checking payment history in their e-banking and m-banking accounts, and that 40% of customer complaints could have been avoided the purchase details been more transparent. As the number of digital payments increases and user habits becomes more sophisticated in terms of the use of modern technologies, it is clear that merchants in both physical and online environments will need to add a transparent user experience to the list of priorities while improving the supply of goods and services, efficient promotion channels and insisting on payment and business security.

The solution for greater transaction transparency of Ethoca (full name Ethoca Consumer Clarity) developed by Ethoca, a company operating within Mastercard, is a way to bridge the gap in transparency because it provides a clearer overview of information relevant to the user, such as logo, business name and location of the point of sale. In practice, this means that, after placing their logos on the platform completely free of charge, merchants make their brands more recognizable because these logos are linked to the relevant transactions and they appear in bank statements that consumers regularly receive and check. Access to transparent information increases consumer satisfaction by providing clear information about the purchase and point of sale where card payment was made, thus reducing the possibility of confusion and eliminating unjustified claims for refunds whose resolution takes time and resources from banks and merchants.

Merchants do not incur any costs to participate in this service.

We invite all merchants to be actively involved in this solution, and to submit their logo as follows:

  • Click on the link: and select Get started now,
  • Transfer the logo to the required format and enter the required information in the form, with the upload of the logo,
  • Confirm the logo and data sent by clicking Submit.

The Ethoca solution will establish greater transparency of transactions, which will significantly improve the user experience in digital banking channels and give consumers peace of mind and a sense of control over their spending. From the perspective of card issuers, this will increase the interaction of cardholders with the bank’s digital channels, and merchants will get improved brand visibility. Also, both banks and merchants will benefit from fewer consumer calls and complaints.

* The survey was conducted in November 2020 by Kantar TNS for Mastercard, using the CAWI methodology, on bank consumers aged 18 to 60, payment cardholders in CEE countries: Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Greece, Slovakia, Austria, Bulgaria, Serbia.

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