Eurobank introduced instant payments by scanning the IPS QR CODE

Eurobank clients offered with the most state-of-the-art method of instant payment with the IPS QR code, without using payment cards or cash


In line with the National Bank of Serbia’s initiative, Eurobank has provided all the Eurobank mobile app users with the most state-of-the-art payment method – instant payment at a merchant’s point of sale by using the IPS QR code. A transaction execution within seconds is available at any time of a day or night, 24/7/365, on Sundays and holidays. Instant payments using the QR code are enabled at all points of sale supporting the instant payment scheme – clearly marked with the IPS label.

“As one of the leaders in digital banking, Eurobank continues to improve its services and introduce new solutions, in order to remain among the top players in the banking system in Serbia. We are among the first banks in Serbia to provide our clients with the instant payment option at a merchant’s point of sale by scanning or presenting the IPS QR code, with funds immediately available to the payee“, said Dušan Mihailović, a member of Eurobank’s Executive Board.

The Eurobank mobile app users can make fee-free payments for goods or services by scanning the IPS QR code of a merchant or by presenting the IPS QR code to a merchant at all points of sale with the IPS label.

In addition to payments made at merchants’ points of sale, users can also pay monthly bills containing the IPS QR code issued by various companies (power company EPS, utilities, phone, cable TV, etc.) by using the IPS Scan and Pay function. All you need to do is scan the IPS QR code from a bill and thus pay a monthly bill within seconds, without entering data manually.

For more information about instant payments, please go to the Bank’s website, visit any of 80 Eurobank branches across Serbia, or call the toll-free EuroPHONE at 0800 1111 44.

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