Even a beer is too high when driving

When you drive and one beer is too much, because the chance to cause a traffic accident is even 46% higher if you have 0.01% alcohol in your blood than when you are sober, message to the students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad , held an educational workshop on responsible consumption “When you drive, never drink” from HEINEKEN Serbia and the Agency for Traffic Safety.

“Our goal is to encourage, through interesting workshops, amazing data and impressive examples, to interact with students and to communicate the importance of responsible consumption and traffic safety,” said HEINEKEN Serbia, Goran Stupar, corporate affairs expert.

Dusko Pesic from the Traffic Safety Agency reminded students that alcohol affects inhibition control, so drivers under the influence of alcohol are more freely holding the pedal for gas.

“To jump at 100 km / h, you need the length of the football field to stop,” Pesic warned.

Famous host and TV person Maria Kilibarda thinks that there are many tragic and too sad and black examples every day around us that show us how to break a smile.

“Let us smile and stay tomorrow! Indeed, when you drive, and one beer is too much, “Kilibard said, talking about the responsibility that all drivers have when they decide to sit behind the wheel after a few drinks.

Before and after the workshop, students at the Novi Sad Faculty had the opportunity to test glasses that simulate vision under the influence of alcohol and to see how much perception is being changed when they are under the influence of alcohol.

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