Every third company is still in the grey zone

The size of the grey economy has decreased in the last five years in the registered economy from 21.2 to 15.4% of GDP, but still every third company operates in the grey zone, which is significantly contributed by unregistered companies that account for more than 17% of the total number of business entities, showed the analysis of the “Grey Economy in Serbia 2017”, conducted by NALED with the support of Germany’s development cooperation GIZ.

– Improving inspection supervision in order to detect unregistered companies has to be the first priority of the new action plan of the National Programme for the Suppression of the Grey Economy, as well as more efficient processing of such behaviuor, because, according to the findings of the study, only 24% of businessmen, or every fourth, believe that the business in the grey zone will be punished – said Goran Kovačević, vice-president of the NALED Board of Directors, at the opening of the 3rd National Conference “The Exit from the Grey Economy” in Palata Srbija, where a new analysis was presented, the first after 2013.


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