Exciting Journey Through Serbian Culture

Welcome to “Ethno Couture Serbia” – an exclusive exhibition photos and video material that we want to convey to you the splendor and beauty of Serbian traditional costumes, where beauty turns folk creativity into timeless high fashion.Natural environment, cultural and historical influences and specific aesthetic expression, is present in the shaping and formation of every nation’s costumes.

Their authentic aesthetics, recognizable ornamentation, wealth colors, models and cuts are a true projection of inexhaustible aesthetic imagination experience and creative scope of the people. Clothing forms created in people are a permanent inspiration for all those creators of the contemporary costumes, which in their creations contrast ideas, elaborate forms, creating a specific fashion stamp of the community they are from emerged, looking at the past and the future at the same time.

The costumes in the photos are part of the fund of our national Ensemble “KOLO” and on this occasion we thank them for the wonderful cooperation with the wish that they also come here soon and entertain you through dance and song.The exhibition “Ethno Couture Serbia” presents creations that are a wonderful combination arts, crafts and cultural heritage, but also an inexhaustible source for timeless fashion trends.

I would also like to thank the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Serbia for its support in implementation of this program and the Cultural Center Ivo Andrić and our host Mrs. Tatjani Soldat, for their support, as well. We are honored to be tonight here and in Beijing.

Thank you for coming, explore and let that little fairy-tale village of Sirogojno and folk costumes from these photographs, which are the work of one of the most eminent Serbian photographers, Nebojša Babić, to take you on an exciting journey through Serbian culture and heritage.


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