Exhibition ‘About Factories and Workers’ presented to the diplomatic corps

Last night in the Museum of Yugoslavia, followed by the Museum of Science and Technology, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and Information, members of the diplomatic corps in Serbia and representatives of other cultural institutions had the opportunity to visit the exhibition titled ‘About Factories and Workers’

The guests were greeted at the Museum of Yugoslavia by its director, Neda Knežević.

We are pleased that you are with us here today in the month in which we mark a quarter of a century of the establishment of the Museum of Yugoslavia, a unique cultural institution. The museum is the place to be if you are interested in knowing more about ideas, practices and phenomena that led to the emergence and disintegration of Yugoslavia. Today we have two remarkable occasions for which we have gathered. The first is the new exhibition called ‘About Factories and Workers” which we have staged together with our colleagues from the Museum of Science and Technology, and the second is the Belgrade premiere of ‘The 8th Kilometre’ exhibition, which was first staged in the pavilion of the Republic of Serbia at the 17th International Architecture Biennale in Venice in 2021” said Ms Knežević.

Neda Knežević, director of the Museum of Yugoslavia

The exhibition of the poetic title ‘About Factories and Workers’, a result of the fruitful collaboration between the two museums, depicts past times and shows us how important post-industrial landscapes, complexes and buildings were, as well as how intangible aspects of industrial heritage played a significant role in creating our personal and collective identity of places and people,” said Assistant Minister, in charge of cultural heritage and digitalization, Danijela Vanušić, during the exhibition tour at the Museum of Yugoslavia and Museum of Science and Technology.

Danijela Vanušić, Assistant Minister for the protection of cultural heritage and digitalization

The guests were also welcomed at the Museum of Science and Technology by its acting director Zoran Lević.

Welcome to the second part of the exhibition ‘About Factories and Workers’, staged by the Museum of Yugoslavia and the Museum of Science and Technology. We are currently in a building that was the second thermal power plant in Belgrade, an industrial facility that thematically fits this exhibition,” said Mr Lević.

Dedicated to industrialization on the territory of today’s Serbia, from its beginnings until today, the exhibition covers five industrial sites that paradigmatically represent the development and functioning of the industry in this area in different historical, political and social circumstances. Visitors will be able to enjoy this exhibition until February 15, 2022.

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