Exhibition Under The Screen Light in NLB Gallery

The Hous of Arts Pigmalion and NLB Banka continue promoting youth art with the exhibition of Ivan Milenkovic, opened. At the opening ceremony, it was announced that the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia has become an Honorary Patron of NLB Gallery.

Branko Greganovic, President of the Executive Board of NLB Bank, informed the visitors of the exhibition that the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia had accepted to be the honorary patron of the NLB Gallery and reminded that it was the fourteenth exhibition since the launching of NLB Gallery. Until now, solo exhibitions have had: Slovenian painter Majda Zorko, illustrator Dobrosav Bob Živković, young artists: Katarina Nedeljković, Anđela Micić, Kristina Pirković, Đerđe Ačaji and Ivana Živić, young painters: Milan Pantelić, Vladimir Petrović and Petar Mošić. The students of Tehnoart High School, whose graduation exhibition was organized in NLB Gallery, had the opportunity to present themselves to the public. In the past two years, exhibitions of works created on the Pigmalion art colonies were organized in NLB Gallery.

Roman Weixler, Minister Counsellor in Slovenian Embassy, expressed his satisfaction because the Embassy have the opportunity to support a project which confirms the good cooperation between the two countries in the field of culture and emphasized that it was a project that united Slovenian elements in support of Serbian artists.

»Historians, sociologists, psychologists, and anthropologists will, from some distance and beyond, be able to see the true character of the digital revolution and its effects on the society and life of the individual, and identify all the interactive consequences that change the paradigm of civilization. Nowadays, from a distance that actually means first direct contact and participation in the formation of a civilization flow, the ordinary man can only to indulge in the challenging effects of ease communication and the accessibility of the outside world through virtual means. However, unlike the ordinary man, Ivan Milenkovic has taken on the obligations inherent to contemporary artist as the outspoken representative of a society that sees the circumstances of the outside world more clearly, more complexly and through the prism of a wealth of knowledge, to see the problem. For the artist that has these abilities to condense the content and meanings of reality and to objectify the phenomenon, to process it, present it and return it to the public in a condensed form of visually articulated messages. That is why Milenkovic’s paintings represent a view of understanding from the very core of the digital revolution ” Slavko Timotijevic explained Ivan Milenkovic’s works in front House of  Arts Pigmalion.

You can see Ivan Milenkovic’s works until December 2 in NLB Gallery, Mihaila Pupin Boulevard 165v, Novi Beograd.


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