Faster tests thanks to a donation from Mlekoprodukt company

In order to provide its contribution to the city of Zrenjanin in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the company Mlekoprodukt, which operates within the Savencia Fromage & Dairy group, in cooperation with Promedia company, donated a test processing machine to the Public Health Institute in Zrenjanin.

Simo Salapura, Mayor of Zrenjanin; Andrej Beslać, General Manager of Mlekoprodukt; Doctor Zdravko Ždrale, Acting director of the Public Health Institute in Zrenjanin; Saša Santovac Mayor of Zrenjanin; Miloš Kovačević, Pulmonologist

“Although the epidemiological situation in our country has stabilized, a large number of people are still being tested, which results in a longer wait for test results. For that reason, we made the decision to donate the machine to the Institute of Public Health in Zrenjanin that will help our health care when it comes to increasing the number of sampling, as well as speeding up the time for processing tests. From the very beginning of the state of emergency, we have adopted a number of measures within the company in order to protect our employees in the best possible way, and on the other hand, to enable the processes of production and delivery of milk and dairy products to run smoothly”, pointed out Andrej Beslać, General Manager of Mlekoprodukt company.

Doctor Zdravko Ždrale, acting director of the Public Health Institute in Zrenjanin expressed great gratitude for the valuable donation.

“On behalf of all employees of our Institute, but also on behalf of all citizens of the Central Banat District, I thank the representatives of Mlekoprodukt and Promedia, for this extremely valuable donation. The device for automated nucleic acid extraction multiplies the capacity of our laboratory for processing samples and testing on Covid-19, PCR-RT technology. That is to the satisfaction of all citizens of this district and beyond, of great importance in the fight against this virus. It is a pleasure to cooperate with such companies, which are always, in accordance with their capabilities, ready to provide help and support, recognizing true human values, among which is the health of our citizens, without a doubt in the first place,” said Mr. Ždrale.

Thanks to the donation of this device, the waiting time for confirmation of test results will be significantly shortened, which will increase the number of sampling. Let us remind you, so far in the Institute of Public Health in Zrenjanin, only manual preparation of sampled material has been available, which includes only 20 tests per day, and with the help of a machine it will be 96 samples / 30 minutes.

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