Finland in Focus

On October 13, at 7 pm in the Hall of the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, the opening of the programme “Finland in Focus” within the Cinema “The Magnificent Sevenwas held.

Five Finnish documentaries were shown during the two days, October 13 and 14. It’s about the works of cinema that surprised us in the past decades with their vitality and creativity. The viewers had the opportunity to see genre, theme and aesthetically completely different documentaries who have a successful festival career and a series of positive reviews. The festival was opened by the Ambassador of Finland Pertti Ikonen, along with the celebrated director Mikko Ronkainen, whose two films, “Screaming Men” and “Finnish blood Swedish heart” were shown in the programme. In addition to them, the Belgrade audience had the opportunity to see the Finnish Oscar nominee “The Stream of Life“, a great soundbreaker music documentary and a movie that bestsell the audience with the Finnish way of life, the “Living Room of the Nation”.

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