First concert of company bands in Serbia – “BIZbendovi”

For the first time in Serbia, the unique charity concert “BIZbendovi 2018” – company bands of Serbia was held last night at the Youth Center in Belgrade.

Employees of the leading companies in the Serbian market: Vip mobile, Microsoft Development Center Serbia, Direct Media, Unicredit Bank and Apatin Brewery, played for the National Association of Parents of Children with Cancer – NURDOR, at a concert organized for the first time in Serbia by a media company BIZLife.

The concert was held at the Youth Center in Belgrade, and the bands performed in front of the full hall “Americans”.

Danica Stupar, the director of the media company “BIZLife”, said that all good ideas come from good communication and clear visions.

She explained that the trend for companies to move away from a strict corporate image is already in the world, and that it has also experienced in Serbia.

“Now it is with us that, regardless of the size of the company, people in leading positions are trying to get closer to their employees, to finally realize that they are employed by one company,” Stupar pointed out.

According to her, on the other hand, there is also the “huge” desire of companies to get rid of the communities in which they operate.

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