First Heineken Beer Planet Festival in Mikser House – a New Planet on the Rise!

Heineken Serbia is pleased to call for the first beer and music festival called Beer Planet. This unique festival will be held at Mikser House in Belgrade, and will run from Thursday 7th April to Saturday 9th April, 2016.


During the three days of the festival you will be able to discover new beers – Krušovice (Czech beer), German Kapuziner, British New Castle and the Slovenian Laško, but also to enjoy those beers you already know and love, at special prices. In order to enjoy your favourite beer was complete, you can expect a varied musical program and good food that goes well with beer.

Dragana Savic

HEINEKEN Beer Planet is a new concept of entertainment in the city. In one place, with many awards that will be given to visitors, in an innovative way, we want to present our product portfolio and share interesting stories about each of our brands with visitors. Dedicated to consumers, we follow trends and create activities that push the boundaries.” –said Dragana Savić, Marketing Manager at Heineken Serbia.


During the festival, carefully designed entertainment programme will include Mikser, Live and Fusion nights with Crne mambe (Black Mambas), Makao bend, Mikser Big Band, Dixieland, Laura 2000, Gift bend, Milana Sevdah Baby, DJ Me High Low and the others.

When landing on a new planet, on the spot, you will be issued a passport specially designed in order to receive a gift.

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