First student card in Serbia

The first Student Card in Serbia was promoted yesterday in Cuprija at the opening of the Student Club of the Parliament of the College of Applied Health Sciences.

The Dean of the College, PhD. med. Christos Alexopoulos said that improving standards and enabling greater benefits to students has always been a priority of the College of Applied Health Sciences. Since student life involves activities of students out of school, the school takes care of them not only in acquiring knowledge, but also in the quality of life in general.

Our students have always been at the forefront and care for their education is our primary goal. However, it is our duty to take care of the living conditions of students who come from all over Serbia to our institution and to our town. We provide them a home away from home, said Dr. Alexopoulos.

The first company that responded to the invitation of the College is cafe club Plate which provided students with a space where, apart from spreading the spirit of youth and fun, students will be able to consume beverages at reduced prices as well as organize festivities, conferences and traditional student parties on Wednesdays.

There is a call to all companies that want to contribute and provide benefits to students of the College of Applied Health Sciences, which will get the opportunity to make marketing on the club’s website as well as on flyers, in the school magazine and school bulletin boards.

We hope that personalized card for students will come first in the neighbouring towns, and then throughout Serbia, and that other institutions will recognize the importance of this kind of care for the population that is the future of our country.

The Student Club with the epic name `300` is founded on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the College of Applied Health Sciences Cuprija and in the name of long-standing existence and a large number of students who had passed through this institution since 1998.

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