Ana Mijajlović, Managing Director, Havas Media Adriatic: Focus on Creating Content

2017 was an exceptionally successful year, regardless of the increasingly demanding clients and the pitch process

Advertising and media agency, Havas Adriatic is a member of a French communication network, one of the five most influential in the world. As a result of its own creativity and the tools provided by the Havas Group, the Belgrade team is successfully wiping out borders and operates in the entire region. The quality of their services and staff’s expertise are obviously recognized in a wider area too.

ANA MIJAJLOVIĆ, Managing Director, Havas Media Adriatic

What was 2017 like for your agency?

2017 was an exciting year for us. First and foremost, Havas became a part of the Vivendi group, the global leader in creating content, media, and communications with a strong footing in entertainment. Our industry is at the turning point with the satiation with advertising, media fragmentation, and a constant increase in the number of advertising

channels. For brands it is becoming progressively difficult to distinguish themselves from others and create meaningful and sustainable relations with their audiences. As a part of the Vivendi Group, Havas offers incomparable opportunities to our clients in terms of overcoming business challenges and meeting their goals, both globally and in the Adriatic region. 2017 was also an exceptionally successful year, regardless of the increasingly

demanding clients and the pitch process. At no time did we lose our focus in providing the best possible services to our clients. We are welcoming the next year with the same team which just corroborates the quality of our work. As a result of the pitch process, we are proud to have several new regional clients with whom we are entering the New Year, or with whom we already established cooperation in 2017. Michelin is one of our new clients. If we add to this Lactalis and our other clients, it is clear that we have an admirable expertise in working with the French companies.

2018… expectations, plans…

Havas has embarked on a transformation this year by consolidating its creative and media units under the Havas Village concept. Since the world is moving increasingly faster and becoming more complex, we believe that the traditional definition of what constitutes creative and media are becoming obsolete. We also believe that with the Havas Village’s client-centric approach we are ensuring agility and immaculate experience for our clients. We are going to see the first results of this business model in 2018 in the Adriatic region that we cover. Our other plans for 2018 pertain to content, since Havas operating under a global leader like Vivendi implies that we are at the very heart of content creation, communication and distribution owing to which we are successfully creating relations between brands, consumers and entertainment. Our position is such that we create new, meaningful relations by reaching out to our consumers in real life through the music they love (Universal Music), games they play (Gameloft), content they watch (Studio Canal), and places of entertainment they visit (Vivendi Live Events). Simply put, we are able to connect brands with consumers through their passions and interests in various segments of life.


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