For everything to look as before – AMS Osiguranje

In case something happens to your home or the things in it, we offer the fastest and the easiest solution so you can have everything looking as it was before. By buying a household insurance policy from AMS Osiguranje you are going to protect your property from contingencies, without having to pay for the damages yourself. AMS Osiguranje’s household insurance policy protects you from fire, burst water pipes, bad weather, burglary and other risks, in accordance with the terms of insurance.

The insurance premium is ascertained depending on the square footage of your home and its age.

If, apart from buying a household insurance policy, you decide to insure things in your flat or a house, AMS Osiguranje will give you an additional 10% discount on the entire insurance premium.

Come and see as at 16, Ruzveltova Street, and with the help of our friendly and professional staff, choose the best combination of insurance policies that will fit your needs and financial standing.

When it comes to protecting property, AMS Osiguranje is your best ally.

For more information please call 0800-009-009, or visit our website

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