For the first time in Serbia: mobile bill payment by scanning 2D barcode

Sberbank Serbia is the first bank in Serbia to enable its customers to pay their bills via mobile phone by scanning a 2D barcode. The new, unique service in the domestic market – Scan2Pay, allows customers to pay bills more conveniently and quickly than ever before, ensuring the maximum accuracy of data entry.

Sberbank Serbia initiated the introduction of the 2D barcode standard in the Serbian market in cooperation with its partners Mercator S and SBB, and thus enabled citizens to pay bills of SBB cable operator at retail locations within Mercator S network. Companies VIP mobile and Telekom also decided to introduce this standard and in order to provide their customers with the service, they now print a 2D barcode on the monthly bill which provides its customers with monthly obligations to settle in an easier and simpler way

We are extremely proud of the fact that we are the first bank in Serbia to enable customers to pay bills by scanning a 2D barcode with their mobile phones. This service is another proof that Sberbank Serbia has been recognized for its innovative and simple solutions that save both time and money” said Miloš Nedeljković, Head of Digital Banking and Partnership Department at Sberbank Serbia.

Not only is payment through Scan2Pay, by scanning the 2D barcode on the bill, markedly faster, but it also ensures complete accuracy of data entry by excluding the possibility of human error. The user just selects the Scan2Pay payment method, points the phone’s camera at the 2D barcode and the scanner will immediately recognize and read the content, and enter it in a payment slip. All that is left for the user to do is to validate the entered text and authorize the payment.

If you need any additional information about payment of bills via Scan2Pay, please go to, visit a Sberbank branch or call Contact Centre on 19909.

The application is available at the following links (the service can be tried without activating the appby using the demo version):

  • Mobile application for Android

  • Mobile application for iOS (Scan2Pay for iOS will be available in the second half of June 2017)

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