French Media Enthusiastic About “Serbia Fashion Week” at “Paris Fashion Week”: the Future of Fashion May Be Written in Cyrillic

“The wind is blowing from the east! The future of fashion may be written in Cyrillic”, state the French media, which all continue to write enthusiastically about “Serbia Fashion Week”, which was held as part of the official program of “Paris Fashion Week”. Regardless of the fact that the most prestigious fashion week in the world has ended, in the media space of France there are still reports about the participation of “Serbia Fashion Week” and Serbian designers Suzana Perić, Boško Jakovljević for “Martini Vesto”, Nataša Perkovski Adžić and the brand “Alesari” ” at “Paris Fashion Week”.

“It’s time to admit that fashion knows no borders. Serbian designers in Paris are not just a cute story for the media, it is a sign of the change of generations, a world where the East meets the West on an equal basis. So, the next time you attend a fashion show or flip through a fashion magazine, remember: that clothing combination that you are delighted with may have a Serbian touch,” wrote, among other things, the respected “AnousParis”.

“The dawning of a new era for Serbian fashion” is just one of the sentences used by French media journalists to describe our fashion, which they say represents a true cultural bridge between East and West.

The courageous rise of “Serbia Fashion Week” from humble beginnings in 2012 in Novi Sad to successful participation on the world fashion scene did not go unnoticed. “When persistence meets complexity”, one of the headlines in the French media points out, which describes the development of the Serbian national fashion week by comparing it to the road that leads through storms to the graceful dance of swans on the Danube.

Through the words of French journalists, we discover the story of tireless work and passion of Serbian designers, whose efforts were rewarded with an invitation to join the official program of “Paris Fashion Week”. An invitation in which fashion experts are amazed by the courage and vision that Serbian designers bring to the world of fashion.

“Paris Fashion Week” is not just an ordinary fashion event; it’s an opportunity to celebrate the differences and cultural diversity that makes the fashion world richer. This is only part of the journey of Serbian fashion towards a bright future, and the French media is here to witness every step of this exciting journey.

Photo by Mišel Dupre



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